Introducing Epidemic Safe Tourism (post-COVID recovery) to strengthen SMEs in the Hospitality Sector

In our times more than ever, training and education are key to handle and endure the changes and challenges that have been brought about by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented emergency measures have affected all economic sectors – among which the hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit at global scale.

In this period of recovery, we are all called to build back better, learning from the past years and supporting the hospitality workers in their retraining and upskilling processes, including health and safety protocols in their daily professional practice.The ESTour project provides a targeted training pathway and a related certification framework for hospitality workers (managers and employees in various posts, mostly in hospitality SMEs) who are willing to update their skillset, and hence improve their employability and employment opportunities, related to the new health and safety protocols and new digital technologies, which proved to be necessary in responding to the epidemic crisis
The “ESTour Experts” will obtain their certification after attending the ESTour virtual training pathway. 

The “ESTour Expert” is able to effectively carry out the specific assignments – be they management or operations duties - creating and implementing staff protocols and guidelines, retraining and monitoring staff regarding health prevention and infection control.

The project addresses the need to promote swift integration of NAIs into the labour market through strengthened cooperation and mobilization of employers and social and economic partners in each country. Collaborating partner countries are Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, Italy and France.

The project aims to create a Guidance Toolkit, that will provide NAIs with the complementary skills and competences (technical and linguistic), to enable them to better respond to the requirements of labour market needs in their new countries. This will increase their accessibility to European labour markets and will foster their inclusion into their host countries' societies.

The target groups of the ESTour project are:

Staff who has been working in the hospitality sector (managers or employees in various posts, mostly in hospitality SMEs) and would like to update their skills but also their employment opportunities, related to the new health safety protocols and new digital technologies in regards to an effective responding to epidemic crises’ impact
Tourism graduates that want to be specialized in the new needs arising from the post COVID-19 tourism situation and wish to be employed


The overall objectives of the project are:

  • Promotion of European Cooperation among various countries
  • Creation of a new qualification profile for people working in hospitality SMEs, specialised in health safety protocols and new digital technologies
  • Development of complementary and sustainable options for professionals
  • Enhancement of the performance of SMEs in Tourism and Hospitality in times of epidemic crises
  • Offering new approaches to identified issues and needs
  • Development of training tools and materials that will be open-access and free to use
  • Creation of a new certification scheme that will remain after the end of the project


The key results expected from the project is to stimulate effective integration for newly arrived immigrants and refugees into the labour market by providing them with vocational/ labour market guidance specifically adapted for their needs, through the guidance staff they meet during their integration in the new host country.

The project will develop:
Research on the current needs in Hospitality sector, based on COVID-19 impact. The first product of the project aims to select and combine policies, strategies, directions and tools that refer to (a) tourism safety protocols in the post-COVID era, and (b) new digital technologies to facilitate social distancing prerequisites towards the new post-COVID era needs in the hospitality sector.
Epidemic Safety Tourism Expert Qualification Profile: ESTour Expert The objective of the second project’s result is the identification of the Qualification Profile of the post COVID-19 Epidemic Health & Safety Hospitality Expert. The desideratum is to build a flexible and adaptable competence base that can be applied in professional, workplace contexts in the hospitality sector with a comprehensive list of key competencies of the ESTour Expert describing what they should be able to do (tasks) in the related Work Areas in the hospitality sector.
ESTour Expert Modular Training Curriculum The third objective concerns the development of the Curriculum which will reflect what students need to learn to be effective in their employment as ESTour Experts for the newly emerged needs in hospitality SMEs. The aim is also to portray and transfer the key competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) to potential ESTour Experts that are needed for a successful upgrade of their qualifications and adjustment to the new condition in the hospitality sector, which will be also linked to a certification.
ESTour Expert Blended Learning VET Course The aim of this result is to develop a blended learning VET course for the ESTour experts. The VET course will be based on the developed training curriculum (PR3). It will combine asynchronous (EN) & synchronous learning (all languages). Also a TNA tool will be incorporated in the Moodle platform, facilitating the generation of a flexible learning path.
Certification Scheme for ESTour Expert During the implementation of this project result the partnership will develop the ESTour Certification scheme according to the standards of ISO/ IEC 17024.

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